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Session Proposal

Showcase your expert knowledge with our members.

Breakout sessions will be held throughout the day on May 22, 2014, at pre-designated locations during the CEN Annual Member Conference.

Sessions will consist of a 50 minute block. 40 minutes of presenting and 10 minutes of Q&A is recommended.

To submit a break-out session proposal

Include the following required information:
  • Presentation title
  • A brief abstract
  • Speaker name(s)
  • A short bio and picture of speaker(s) (picture optional)
  • Equipment needed for presentation
  • Target audience
  • Speaker fees/honorarium
  • Primary contact name and email address


Submission deadline: January 31, 2014

Sessions that are submitted by the above deadline and are selected, will be included in the CEN Annual
Member Conference online schedule, and included in the printed guide. Sponsors are also 
to promote their sessions via direct promotion to attendees prior to the meeting, and at their
sponsor display booth, preceding the break-out sessions. 

Submission Criteria
Include how the topic, best practice, or session content addresses one (or more) of the following topic

*Note: Your submission does not have to exactly match one of these topics, but should relate to our conference theme "Innovate. Collaborate. Educate."

Integrating Technology into Curriculum

  • BYOD
  • Video Conferecing
  • Distant Learning
  • Web Based Teaching and Learning
  • School/Google Apps 


  • Cyber Security
  • Physical Security in Schools
  • Future of Internet Filtering
  • PSDN
  • State Department Requirements


  • Organizational Collaboration
  • Economic Development
  • Sharing Apps
  • Partnering with other towns
  • Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Planning (DRBCP)


  • Digital Citizens
  • Future of Libraries
  • Innovative Technologies in Libraries
  • Engaging The Young
  • Grants
  • Security 101 or Security Concerns for Libraries
  • Video Streaming (for author talks, etc)

Additional Criteria for Evaluation of Proposals

  • Demonstration of the value of Technology in Education (the community and networks)
  • Extent to which a project or initiative is leading edge and innovative
  • Engagement of the Connecticut Educational Community 
  • Extent to which a project or initiative will provoke discussion and interaction
  • Focus on new technological breakthroughs, developing and evolving applications
  • Degree to which the session itself utilizes and/or demonstrates advanced and innovative technologies

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